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Fulvio Petricciuolo

I am an engineer who, in the past 15 years, has acquired extensive quantitative experience, trading abilities and deep knowledge of the financial markets. I am a full time trader since I left my managerial position for the major Italian car manufacturer, FIAT, in order to pursue my dreams of becoming a successful and independent money manager.

I have been able to develop my own trading and investment strategy which has remained consistent in the past years and aimed at obtaining risk-adjusted returns and be profitable over time.

As a successful trader, I have hundreds of hours of preparation and observation of both the dynamic and the structure of the market. My approach is: risk minimization, scalability and robustness.

Alongside investing in traditional assets (stocks, bonds, options, futures), I am currently involved in digital assets, having assembled a portfolio of key cryptocurrencies.

I strongly believe we are in the midst of a historical financial revolution with the blockchain and dag platforms as the propeller of a worldwide renaissance. I am very well positioned to exploit the great opportunities and benefits those two technologies will be providing to us all, with their respective cryptocurrencies


Benita Jurado Arenilla

am a lawyer and bankruptcy administrator with more than ten years of experience in the legal field. Since I started my professional career, I have not stopped my learning journey in order to offer my clients the most complete and up-to-date service.

After my time at the law firm Rio Asociados Abogados, I set up my own law firm and completed my legal education, taking the Master of Legal Practice at the CEFOEC Academy, in order to acquire practical knowledge of all branches of law. Furthermore, I am a University Expert in Bankruptcy Law from the Pablo de Olavide University and bankruptcy administrator in the Courts of Seville, Spain.

In reference to the aforementioned, together with other partners, I founded the legal services office of Buhaira Lawyers, in which we have several lawyers specialized in each branch of the law and in which we offer comprehensive legal assistance.

About five years ago, my interest in cryptocurrencies blossomed, particularly in the Ethereum project, in which I have personally believed and invested in after seeing the multiple applications in my respective field of law, and all bureaucratic levels.

I have come to the realization that peer to peer technology, the true pillar of cryptocurrencies, will revolutionize, not only the financial world, but our entire society.



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